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Three Germans first made the world's first glass liner vacuum flask under the brand name "Thermos" in Berlin.

Thermos is the leading brand of vacuum insulation products.

Thermos US office in New York was established.

Thermos not only brings warm, but also cool during the hot summer seasons.

Thermos was introduced to Japan as an amazing invention.

Thermos won the grand prize at Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition.

Thermos provided warmest nourishment to Robert E. Peary in the North Pole.

The Thermos bottle shaped THERMOSMOBILE toured every city and into the streets across America to convey the brand promise and persistence of Thermos products in keeping the contents cool or hot.

Thermos accompanies you for 24 hours and are known for the largest comfort givers and finest trouble savers.

Thermos is the ideal helper for housewives.

Thermos once again won the grand prize at Panama-Pacific International Exposition.

Thermos is the best choice for storing warm or cold meals during a summer picnic.

Thermos UK office was established.

Thermos is the best option for mums to prepare lunch for their children.

Thermos launched the vacuum container for scientific experiments.

Thermos flask is an ideal tool for outdoor travel.

Thermos launched vacuum containers for the storage of frozen fish.

Thermos US factory production, testing and quality control processes.

Thermos enhances family’s healthy lifestyle with mums.

Thermos is the most desired gift for Christmas.

Thermos expresses the eternal love for children from mum.

Thermos flask and lunch boxes are popular among children in US.

Alan Bean, Apollo 12, landed on the moon with sealed Thermos containers to collect sample.

Recognition of the Thermos brand by the Royal Family.

Invented the world’s first stainless steel vacuum flask.

Invented the world’s first ultra-light titanium vacuum flask.

Invented the world’s first thermal cooker – Shuttle Chef series.

Launch of industry’s first vacuum insulated sports bottle.

With 115 years of unsurpassed commitment to quality, it has been a great journey to serve our supporters.




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