Alfi FlowMotion – A Good Looker & Multi Talent Carafes

The walled carafe flow motion is presented as well as smarter indispensable rounder at breakfast, at lunch or on the garden table. Just perfect for a stylish tea party at any time of the year.

FlowMotion carafes designed by Tine Latein.

Sparkling water, slices of lemon and a layer of crushed ice on top: Drinks in decanters are simply cooler, offering a stunning look in addition to their optimum function as thirst-quencher. flowMotion by alfi adds practical elements to the pure beauty, ensuring not only outstanding views but also relaxed handling.

With the seemingly floating flask, the double-walled flowMotion presents itself as both a good-looker and multi-talent, keeping drinks cold for six hours to guarantee that ice-cold experience on the patio. And it can be used for hot drinks, too. The decanters shine out thanks to the combination of resilient borosilicate glass and stainless steel as well as their lean, fridge-friendly design.

Serve ice tea, water, milk, orange juice or home-made lemonade and impress guests with the innovative and intuitive flipMatic lid. The 360° pouring function ensures that the decanter opens and closes depending on its tilt angle and guarantees splash-free pouring of your home-made drinks creations. An integrated strainer holds back pieces of fruit and ice. The lid is easily removed from the decanter and can be taken apart in two parts for hygienic cleaning. All parts can be cleaned without hassle in the dishwasher.

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