FFO 2.0L Ultimate Insulated Hydration Jar

Large capacity sports jug with vacuum technology that ensures the optimum temperature for hydration needed all day long!


SKU: FFO-2001

Earn up to 250 Points.

Earn up to 250 Points.

A cap unit that opens with one touch and safety lock mechanism.

One Touch to Open

Able to insert ice cube easily to keep drinks cold with cleaning convenience.

Wide Mouth Opening

Easy direct drinking that fits the mouth comfortably. Comes with lid for hygiene.

Ergonomically Designed Drinking Spout

Able to carry large capacity or water anywhere without hassle.

Easy to Hold With Handle

Thermos® Vacuum Insulation Technology (FFO)

Thermos® vacuum insulation technology creates an airless space between two walls, virtually eliminating temperature change. So your drink stays icy cold or steamy hot no matter what the forecast.

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Below 9 °C

Cold Retention ( 6 Hours)